Xiaomi poking fun at camera bumps

PicsPlay_1422961709380In the video below,  Xioami, renowned iThing copier, dares to poke fun at the iPhone 6 and the camera bump.  That indirectly pokes fun at other lumpy rears,  including famously of course,  Nokia’s spectacular cameras.

How does their camera even compare.  When slim yet producing as  good pictures or better than opponent,  that’s ok.  If you produce potato,  then shush your mouth HTC ultracrapcel.

Nevertheless,  kudos for the laughs!

Cheers Alvester for the tip.

VERTU Booth at Dubai International Airport


Over at the lavish Dubai International Airport, my connecting flight from Manchester to Manila meant a nice stroll at the Dubai duty free.

Here’s the double sided VERTU booth.
MNB20150131_205158 MNB20150131_205202 MNB20150131_205206 MNB20150131_205209 MNB20150131_205212 MNB20150131_205216 MNB20150131_205220 MNB20150131_205222

Handmade in England…22k USD.MNB20150131_205226 MNB20150131_205229

Opposite jewellery and expensive watches…


NFC Screen Sharing – works awesome for Lumia and Android #MixRadio

MNB20150130_235248 One of the myriad of awesome items in MixRadio’s package generously sent to us was the NFC Screen Sharing accessory (cheers guys!)

This allows you to screenshare to any TV (as long as you can connect via HDMI directly or via converter).

Sorry  I couldn’t get the unboxing  video up.  Already at  airport at time of writing… Hopefully in the Philippines by the time this post is live.


MNB20150130_232903 MNB20150130_232918 MNB20150130_232929 MNB20150130_232933

It’s the simplest set up: Plug in the power and HDMI cable. Power on (there’s no switch but some of you may have switches on the plug sockets). If your TV is set to view that HDMI then you’ll see the MICROSOFT logo along with instructions on what to do next.



All you have to do is tap the NFC disc (make sure NFC is on) and you’ll be shown the screen share setting. Tap on the screen and now you’ll be wirelessly sharing. MNB20150130_234322 MNB20150130_234354

Here’s the disc.

The actual device all hooked up.MNB20150130_235502

Red “on” light. Excuse the mess.

Microsoft logo at the bottom with a host of ventsMNB20150130_235603

Cables detached…

It looks a lot like the Nokia MD-310 (a total gem of a bluetooth receiver)


The blue ring reminds me a lot of CortanaMNB20150130_235847

MNBscreenshare mnb MNBscreenshare


I tested this with a Samsung smart TV (2013). It has build in screen sharing capabilities which already work great with minimal lag on the Lumia 1520 or 930. Funnily enough, my Note 4 which is a Samsung has a horrific 2-4 second delay which makes it difficult to properly interact due to the delay (gaming is out of the question). Now with the HD-10 Screen sharing accessory, the response time is just as quick now as my Lumia.

The only thing I would like is if the Lumia automatically connected without requesting to tap the appropriate screen sharing device.

NameThatNokia: Jason Mraz I’m Yours on two classic Nokia diallers

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 17.50.45

The title mentions that these handsets are two Nokia devices. Which ones?

They’re covering Jason Mraz’s song, “I’m Yours”, using the keyboard (is that the dialler button tones or some ‘app’.


update : apologies folks,  this might not even be a Nokia.  Power of the Nokia name to make something popular?  Haha.

Nokia Z Launcher updates to v1.1.3Beta

PicsPlay_1422688769711An update for Z Launcher was pushed to my Note today.  V1.1.3beta.

There’s afew more features,refinements and whatnot.


Version  1.1.3-Beta

– Preliminary support for icon packs

– Long press on text – you can uninstall or hide app app from the ranked list, in addition to existing long-press behavior such as long-pressing the icon to drag it to the favorites bar

– UI improvements for a wide range of Android devices

– Improved design and performance of carousel widgets

Improved Scribble handwriting recognition

– Play store icon will load Play store without pre-searched text (We heard you on this one!)

– Bug fixes